All about Mii

Meet the Seat Mii - pronounced ‘me’ rather than ‘my-ee’ or ‘me-eye’.

It’s Seat’s new city car that it’s touting as a perfect runabout for young, sporty types who spend a lot of their driving time in town.

Promising “compelling practicality”, “exceptional driving fun” and “high efficiency”, the Mii is Seat’s answer to the Volkswagen Up!, and shares its basic platform.

At just more than 3.5 metres long it will be sold as a three-door to begin with, followed by a five-door version next year.

At only 854kg, the Mii is one of the lightest ‘normal’ cars on the road.

Light weight helps efficiency, so the UK version of the Mii Ecomotive will have CO2 emissions of only 97g/km along with fuel economy of 67.3mpg.

Continental Europe, however, will get a special variant with just 86g/km of CO2, which is only 1g worse than the current best for an internal combustion-engined car, set by the Kia Rio 1.1-litre diesel.

It’s a shame Seat has no plans to make a right-hand-drive version of the lesser-emissions model.

But Seat has fair reason to hold off when it will already have a Mii in this country that benefits from free road tax by being under the 100g/km barrier.

There will be two petrol engines, with 59bhp and 74bhp.