12 reasons to buy a new 61-plate car

With all the doom, gloom and despondency currently prevalent in the news changing your car is probably the last thing on your mind.

If you were thinking of changing your vehicle you may well have been put off by the headlines. However, now is exactly the right time to investigate the many amazing new and used car deals at your local dealerships who are currently finding imaginative ways of keeping sales moving. In this feature we offer you 12 very good reasons for buying a new car this coming 61-plate change.

1 - Great Deals

There’s never been a better moment to explore the many new car deals out there. Credit facilities are still available at most car retailers and to entice customers into showrooms many car manufacturers are offering some spectacular deals including low interest or zero percent finance, cash back offers, trim level and equipment upgrades along with buy now and pay later deals. Among the best performing companies when it comes to offering showroom enticements are Hyundai, Kia, Fiat, Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Ford, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of car producers currently offering generous showroom incentives.

You’ve will have chosen a good time to visit the used car forecourts as they’re packed with stock which dealers are determined to keep moving. This translates into some great bargains for the car buying customer.

2 – Variety

Here in Britain the market is amongst the most competitive in the world. We possibly have the widest range of models and manufacturers to choose from, certainly more than most of our European neighbours.

3 - Choice of New Models

This year has seen the launch of some impressive new models such as Ford’s stylish all-new Focus, Kia’s new Picanto, Hyundai’s impressive new i40, Nissan’s curvy Juke crossover and Toyota’s new Verso S compact MPV, not forgetting Vauxhall’s stunning Astra GTC Coupe. Then there’s the new Citroen DS4, MINI’s excellent Countryman crossover and Volvo’s chic S60 compact executive saloon to consider.

Cars are becoming ever more dependable. What’s more, being the first owner of a vehicle counts when it comes to reliability. You know that your car will have been driven carefully, treated well and properly maintained from the start. Then, of course, there’s the reassurance of that virtually all-embracing manufacturer warranty cover. A number of manufacturers now offer longer warranties, namely Toyota, Hyundai, Kia and Vauxhall to name but a few.

4 – Value For Money

We all know that a new car loses a fair proportion of its value from the moment you leave the main dealer forecourt. However, there is a flip side. You’ll gain a higher resale price when it comes to trading your vehicle in later on down the line!

5 – Better Safety

Technology marches on and every model year vehicle safety improves. New cars are equipped with the very latest safety devices to keep you and your loved ones as secure as possible in the event of the unthinkable happening, with most gaining excellent Euro NCAP star ratings.

6 – Cleaner Economy

As each new model is introduced improvements are made to economy. Today’s vehicles are much more frugal than their older counterparts with most family cars easily attaining 45-50mpg, with some diesel reaching even better figures.

7 – Increased Emissions

Cleaner CO2 emissions not only mean that you are being a responsible citizen by lowering your carbon footprint. They also mean lower annual road tax for private motorists and business users too through BIK ratings.

8 – Every Area Of The Market Covered

As far as the variety of different models is concerned, just about every conceivable segment of the market is covered with manufacturers inventing new areas to keep buyers interested.

9 – More Equipment And Comfort

New cars are better equipped and often come with the latest available toys such as iPod integration, Bluetooth hands-free technology.

10 – Free Servicing On the Purchase Of Selected New Cars

A number of manufacturers have taken to offering FREE servicing on the purchase of certain models with some providing up to 3-year’s servicing through their main dealers.

11 – Status

Let’s face it. We all like that ‘new car’ smell. There’s nothing like having a car wearing the latest plate outside in the drive, in the car park or in the road outside your home.

12 – Plenty of Local Dealers

The area in which we live is particularly well-served with new retailers, from large multi-franchised operators to smaller, family-run dealers. Just remember that competition has never been as hot as it is now, and that the customer is very much in the driving seat. You’ll find sales teams keen to do a deal, so why not get out there and explore the large number of dealerships across our region? You are bound to find a car that exactly matches your needs at a price that you can afford.