12 photos from the past raise a glass to Mansfield Brewery - and the staff behind the beer

The renowned Mansfield Brewery played a key role in the town for more than 100 years. Here's a trip down memory lane in photos that show it was about much more than the beer.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 3:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 3:39 pm
A new beer launched at Mansfield Brewery

The brewery was at the heart of Mansfield and its reach spread much further than the dozens of trucks leaving the main site off Great Central Road loaded with gallons of bitter. The brewery staff supported many local charities and causes down the decades as our photos show. If you have any brewery snaps then email them to [email protected]

This group of brewery staff are pictured preparing to set off on a sponsored walk in 1982. Let's hope they kept themselves hydrated with water along the way and not bitter!
This looks like a welcome bit of down time for staff at the brewery. We don't know the date but what better way to unwind than with a half of Mansfield?

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These visitors to the Mansfield Brewery site are from the Guild of Editors and include, third from the left, former long-serving Chad chief Jeremy Plews.
A flashback to 1989 and an advert splashed across a large billboard featuring the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. Are we sure he never tasted a pint of Mansfield?
We're not sure on the date or why these men in white coats look so happy.....can you shed any light on what the motorbike was used for at the brewery?
These brewery staff look like they are out on a social occasion. Looking at the styles it is definitely a blast from the past.
This snap dating back to 1990 shows off a free bus service that the brewery laid on. Clearly this was taken at Christmas with Santa giving the initiative the thumbs up.
Mansfield brewery had a thriving social scene and it looks like it was time for cricket in this photo. Date unknown.
Back in 1990, these Mansfield Brewery staff took part in a table tennis marathon for a good cause. Did you take part or do you know which charity it was for?
This kind-hearted crew from Mansfield Brewery took part in a barrel push in 1989 to raise funds for Comic Relief. Recognise any faces?
This is a flashback to 1963 and a photo of a smartly-dressed group of Mansfield Brewery staff holding a trophy. Does anyone know what it is for....or what the young lad in fancy dress is kitted out as?
Back to 1986 and another great cause seems to have been supported by a quartet of brewery staff dressed in running gear. Do you know what event had been staged and which charity the cheque was in aid of?