Take a look at iconic Argos toys through the years in the Book of Dreams - how many do you remember?

Take a trip down memory lane and have a look at the toys kids across the UK would circle for their Christmas in the iconic Argos catalogue.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 11:44 am
Do you remember any of these toys?
Do you remember any of these toys?

Argos has digitised its years of catalogues, dating all the way back to 1974 - how many of these items do you remember?

Here you can see the likes of stuffed Tom and Jerry toys, a play doctors first aid kit and two different kinds of pushchairs for dolls.
In the 1976/77 catalogue, the likes of Hornby Railways and Scalextric were featured. The Scalextric you can see against the orange background cost 19.95 from Argos.

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Many fictional characters we know and love today proved just as popular in the 1978/79 Argos catalogue, with Superman toys and costumes, Batman figures and accessories and Doctor Who items all up for grabs.
Handheld games like Computer Battleship, a Simon says game, Electronic Detective and Electronic Striker can be found in the 1980/81 catalogue.
In the 1982/83 catalogue, youd be able to scoop up classic games like Connect 4 for 3.95. You can still buy Connect 4 from Argos today, but now it goes for an increased price of 10.
With Return of the Jedi having come out in June 1983, the 1984/85 Argos catalogue was still riding the high of Star Wars toys. A figure of the Millennium Falcon spaceship was available for 22.95.
Available from Tomytronics was either a Thundering Turbos or Sky Attack electronic game. The description from 1986 says that the game boasts an amazing 3-dimensional effect all for 19.95.
Did you have a Spirograph when you were younger? Described as the unique way to draw patterns and pictures, the Spirograph sold for 8.75 back in 1988.
Video game systems Nintendo and Atari are available here in the 1990 catalogue, boasting super graphics and games like Mario Bros and Asteroids De Luxe.
Classic Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book all feature in the 1993 Christmas gifts edition of the Argos catalogue.
This page dedicated to Barbie and her various accessories boasts items like a 3 in 1 house for 44.95 and a Crystal Horse and Carriage for 18.95.
Included in the 1996/97 Argos catalogue was the likes of a Toy Story and Hunchback of Notre Dame viewmaster gift set. The viewmaster promised to bring your favourite characters to life and came with three reels.
Do you remember Loveable Bears? The key chain toy required you to put the scented bottle to his mouth for five seconds, otherwise he would cry. After feeding, he would say I love you and then go to sleep.
Did you rock a Baby G watch in the 2000s? The watch was advertised as having a stainless steel back, daily alarm, hourly time signal, 1/100th second stopwatch and even being water resistant up to 100m.
Were you desperate for a walkman so you could rock out to your CDs? Many of the personal CD players here boast anti-shock protection and they all require two AA batteries to function.
What about different skin styles to personalise your first mobile phone, which was of course a Nokia 3310 or 3330? You could even get one made of denim if you really wanted, all for just 9.99.