Mansfield and Ashfield sports day memories from the 1960s and 1970s

There were generally two groups of people at school – those who loved sports, and those who loathed it.Which group did you belong to?

Sunday, 27th June 2021, 11:05 am
Mansfield Secondary Schools sports day - did you attend this school?
Mansfield Secondary Schools sports day - did you attend this school?

We are heading back to the 60s and 70s with a selection of pictures from Mansfield and Ashfield schools’ sports days, so have a look through and see if you can spot yourself taking part in the sack race, tug of war or the egg and spoon race.

Mansfield Secondary School - was javelin your event?
Sports day at Berry Hill School - who else loved the sack race?

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Did you attend Brunts in 1963?
Did you go to this school? Do you recognise any of the little runners here?
Time for the high jump - can you spot anyone you know in this picture?
Heading back to St Edmund's School's sports day in 1965. Did you attend the Mansfield Woodhouse school?
Another from St Edmund's School sports day
Just look at the concentration on these faces!
Another from Newgate Lane School - recognise any of the runners here?
Back to 1968 and Berry Hill School sports day - is this you at the finish line?
One from Ashfield School - this race looks competitive!
Do you recognise these little runners?
Shirebrook's Carter Lane School sports day - do you recognise anyone here?
Newgate Lane School's sports day in the early 70s - can you spot yourself?
School sports day in 1970 - look at the concentration on their faces!
Meden School sports day, another from the early 70s. Recognise anyone in this race?
Parents race this time at Newgate Lane School - recognise anyone here from the early 70s?
The wheelbarrow race - always a favourite with children!
The skipping race - do you recognise anyone in this picture?