Warsop councillor who had double lung transplant encourages people to 'pass it on'

Coun Barlow at her stand in the Civic Centre.
Coun Barlow at her stand in the Civic Centre.

A Warsop councillor who received a double lung transplant after complications with chickenpox is encouraging people to talk about organ donation as new laws come into effect.

Councillor Debra Barlow, independent member for Market Warsop on Mansfield District Council, was forced to have the operation in her early 40s after the complications, and is now thankful for the donor who saved her.

And to mark Organ Donation Week, the Warsop councillor has been the reception area at Mansfield Civic Centre today and tomorrow encouraging people to talk to their families about organ donation.

It comes as the law on organ donation is set to change in 2020, meaning everyone in England will automatically be enrolled onto the organ donor register, and will have to 'opt out' - as opposed to the previous 'opt in' system.

According to the NHS, the law is changing to an opt out system from spring 2020 to better reflect that most people would be willing to donate their organs after their death. This will help to save and improve more lives.

Councillor Barlow said: “If the person who donated their lungs to me hadn’t had the conversation about their wishes with their family then I wouldn’t be here to have this conversation with you today.”

Recording your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register and telling your family what you want are the best ways to ensure your decision is honoured.

At her civic centre sessions, you can join the organ donor register, ask Coun Barlow questions and there are some freebies to take home.

In the first hour today, seven people joined the register and many more took forms home to consider later.