Selston resident's life transformed after being discovered living in rat-infested squalor

An elderly resident who was discovered living in a filthy, rat-infested house in Selston has since had his life completely turned around.

The living conditions were a serious risk to the owner’s life.
The living conditions were a serious risk to the owner’s life.

Last month the Environmental Health team at Ashfield District Council were made aware of an elderly resident who was living in appalling conditions in a privately-owned property in Selston.

Carrying out an emergency inspection of the property, officers found the resident living in squalor alongside a large infestation of rats, with no electricity, heating or water.

The property was also in a serious state of disrepair and structural collapse.

The council transformed the kitchen and supported the owner to sell his house at auction.

The living conditions were a serious risk to the owner’s life, so council officers took immediate action to support the vulnerable elderly owner’s wellbeing and mental health.

The team worked closely with the owner, his family and other partnership agencies to completely clear the property and treat the pest issue.

Due to continued ill health the owner was moved into a local care home, where he now lives in warmth and comfort.

The Environmental Health team supported the owner to sell his house at auction, which has now been fully renovated into a family home.

A view of the living room before the council stepped in to help.

Councillor John Wilmott, cabinet member for licensing, environmental health and regulatory services, said: “This is another example of the fantastic work that our Environmental Health teams carry out.

“The owner of the property was vulnerable and living in an awful condition that could have ended his life.

“The amount of filth in the property was unimaginable, it was truly unbelievable that someone could live that way.

“Thanks to the work of our officers, he never has to live like that again.

The living room after considerable restoration work.

“It is also a hugely positive result as this house is no longer a dangerous property, it is now a beautiful family home that can be enjoyed.

“The council is committed to supporting vulnerable residents and utilising all available resources to ensure that empty and dangerous homes are made safe and reoccupied.”

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