Safe rooms set up at Sherwood Forest Hospitals to help staff during coronavirus outbreak

Safe spaces have been set to help overwhelmed staff at Sherwood Forest Hospitals take care of their mental health and wellbeing whilst coping with the coronavirus outbreak.

By Dale Spridgeon
Thursday, 30th April 2020, 2:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th April 2020, 2:20 pm

The special rooms provide a space for calm and reflection. The rooms include comfortable chairs, calming mood lighting and music can be played.

An ‘SFH Well Being Den’ has also been set up at King’s Mill Hospital and Newark Hospital, where help or advice on mental health and wellbeing can be accessed whilst maintaining social distancing.

Matron on ICU, Christian Brailsford, at King’s Mill hospital, said: “I think creating a safe space for colleagues is a great idea, the one that we have set up in Critical Care is brilliant.

Critical care safe room at King's Mill hospital - Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust

“Sometimes you just need a quick five minutes or so, just to step out of the situation you are in and have some time to just reflect and think. It is so important that we look after our mental health and well being during these testing times and I will certainly be encouraging my teams to use the room as and when they can.”

Director of Culture and Improvement, Emma Challans added: “We know how important it is, especially at the moment, to ensure that everyone is thinking about their mental health and well being.

“We know that the situation may be overwhelming for some colleagues and we are doing all we can to support them during this time. We are also doing weekly health and well being videos that colleagues can access remotely to ensure that everyone feels supported and is thinking about their own self-care.

“I think it helps to just stop and check in with yourself, reflect and make sure you are ok. Many people just carry on and we hope that the support available is helping people to just have that time to think about themselves and their colleagues and know that they have that support if they need it.”

Sherwood Forest Hospitals well being den - SFH

Sherwood Forest Hospitals employs 4,500 people and provides acute healthcare services for 420,000 people across Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark, Sherwood, parts of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

A place to relax - Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust safe room (SFH)