£30 million new site will boost Mansfield's mental health services

Mansfield’s mental health services are set to get a £30m boost with the redevelopment of a new facility and the improvement of the current unit.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare has completed a contract to purchase the old St Andrew’s Hospital site and streamline services at the Millbrook Unit.

The former St Andrew’s hospital site, re-named Sherwood Oaks, will provide 72 beds for adult mental health services, compared to the 43 at Millbrook.

It is hoped the new hospital, utilising the old St Andrew’s building, will open in summer 2021. Adult mental services, for people of working age, will move from Millbrook to the new site, whilst specialist ‘older people’s’ mental health services will stay at Millbrook.

Courtyard View - the Sherwood Oaks hospital will be sited at the former St Andrew's Hospital

The division is to deal with different types of mental health affecting different age groups, and differing needs. At Sherwood Oaks, there will be no more than 18 beds per ward, with single bedrooms.

Over the past 12 months, the trust reported 209 admissions to its adult wards at the Millbrook Unit.

Sharon Creber, deputy director for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are investing over £30m in mental health services, it’s a fantastic investment for Mansfield and its population.

“It’s currently a huge priority for the government to invest in mental health. We we did an appraisal of our options in Mansfield, and buying the St Andrew’s site, just four miles from Millbrook, seemed the best way forward.

“We are getting rid of the old style dormitory accommodation, and the new facility will also have much nicer, modern, single rooms with en-suites, and there will be access to pleasant outdoor garden spaces. Millbrook will also see significant improvements.

"For people experiencing mental ill health, it is a time when they are very vulnerable, for many it is the worst time of their lives, they don’t want to be having that experience in a shared room. The new rooms mean privacy, and there will be improved and dedicated spaces for therapeutic activities.

"There will be a new layout to help keep staff and patient safe, better visiting facilities for relatives, and improved accessibility for those with physical or restricted mobility.”

Sharon added: “In recent years, and since the pandemic, there has been a need for more mental health services. It is going to be a great benefit to the area.”