Moment NHS Spitfire flew over Mansfield and Ashfield hospitals

Photos have caught the incredible moment a World War II Spitfire fighter plane flew over King’s Mill Hospital thanking NHS staff.

With the underside of the plane painted with the words "THANK U NHS", the plane made its way over a number of different Nottinghamshire hospitals.

Matt Troke captured the plane flying over King’s Mill Hospital at 5.34pm yesterday (Saturday July 11).

Matt, 31 said: “I had a walk down and it was great to see such a truly beautiful aircraft bring my local community together for a rousing round of applause to say thank you to our hero doctors, nurses and key workers.

Spitfire flies over King's Mill Hospital: picture by Matt Troke.

“Watching an iconic plane like the spitfire is always lovely to see especially one that is giving thanks to the hero’s of the NHS.”

The plane's flight was organised by The Aircraft Restoration Company who are based at the Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire.

On their website, the owners of the Spitfire, the Aircraft Restoration Company, explain where the idea came from:

“It began with an idea, “why don’t we fly our beloved blue Spitfire PL983 ‘L’ around the local villages for the #clapforourcarers this evening? We can prepare the aeroplane as a household and it could really lift the community spirit”.

Spitfire flies over King's Mill Hospital: picture by Matt Troke.

“Well, we did, and the response was utterly overwhelming. Being around the Spitfires so regularity can make it all too easy to take for granted just what the sight and sound of this machine means to so many people.

“We just weren’t prepared for the emotionally charged messages of support and gratitude that we received for that first flight, it was what paved the way for the development of the NHS Spitfire project.”

In return for a donation to NHS charities together, the Aircraft Restoration Company are offering the opportunity to say thank you to someone who has helped others during the pandemic by having their name written on the aircraft.

A total of 80,000 names will be added until the 20th September 2020. More information is available on their Just Giving page.

Spitfire flies over King's Mill Hospital: picture by Matt Troke.