Mansfield pensioner with severe chest pains praises King's Mill Hospital for saving his life

Adrian Stanley.
Adrian Stanley.

A pensioner from Mansfield has expressed his gratitude to staff at Sutton's King's Mill Hospital after he was admitted to its care with chest problems.

Adrian Stanley, 71, had been living as an expat in Spain helping a friend with some heavy work, when he started experiencing chest pain - which he ignored.

But after catching Spanish flu he was alerted by his doctor that he had suffered a mild heart attack - and eventually found himself moving back to Mansfield.

While back in the town, his chest pains returned and "started to get worse", but he continued to ignore them "until the cart horse kicked me in the chest and I found myself on the pavement".

After making his way back to his home on Wallis Road, Mr Stanley was transported to King's Mill Hospital by his wife, before the "lady behind the glass swung into action" - and he was taken to the cardiac ward.

Mr Stanley says the service he received was "amazing", and has heaped praise on staff at the Sutton hospital for saving his life.

He said: "I literally staggered into accident and emergency and all I could say was 'chest pain, chest pain'.

"The lady behind the glass immediately swung into action, and within seconds I was in a wheelchair and into accident and emergency, onto a trolley with doctors and nurses around me.

"Then it was just a semi conscious buzz around me. Not much to remember.

"I had various tests and drugs throughout the night, was transferred to a cardiac ward with the pain gone.

"While on the ward, I went to sleep and I woke up in a private room and the sun was shining.

"From then on I have steadily improved. I had a stent fitted soon after, and have no pain. It was constant care from the nurses.

"I'm now being looked after by the cardiac team of specialist nurses who are monitoring my drug regime and steadily rebuilding my strength and fitness.

"I visit them in clinic 10, and they ring me at home to make sure I'm okay. They could not possibly do more.

"As I said, I'm impressed and so grateful. Mansfield is very lucky to have such an amazing service."

Siobhan McKenna Favier, SFH divisional general manager for urgent and emergency care, said: “We are really pleased that Mr Stanley was so happy with the care he received from our staff.

"We work really hard as a team to provide outstanding care to our patients and I’m pleased that we were able to provide him with such excellent care. We wish him and his family well in his on-going recovery.”