Mansfield man battling cancer 'embarrassed' after Morrisons refuse to serve him for 'looking drunk'

The Morrisons in Mansfield.
The Morrisons in Mansfield.

A Mansfield man who is battling cancer has been left "embarrassed and panicked" after Morrisons refuse to serve him for "looking drunk".

Kevin Danby, aged 57, Longstone Way, Ladybrook, popped into the supermarket on Sutton Road, Mansfield to buy bananas and cider, after undergoing treatment for leukemia at King’s Mill Hospital next door.

He has criticised how he was treated at the supermarket and said that staff "wouldn't listen to him".

He said: "They spoke to me like I was a criminal - I was panicking I thought I was going to have a seizure. With my cancer I have to avoid stress.

"They refused to serve me and said I looked drunk. The cashier said 'you can't have this you've had too much to drink'.

"A manager came over and they shut the till down, it was embarrassing, I hadn't caused a problem.

"So I got my letter out from the hospital to prove I had just come out of the hospital.

"The manager said they had to go with what the cashier said.

"If I had got drunk in the ten minutes I had come out of hospital, I would have done well.

"You can't drink when you have chemo."

He also said he is going to "avoid" the supermarket, which he went to most days as it is next to the hospital he regularly visits for treatment.

He said: "The cashier pointed out that my eyes where red, but, they were red because I had been in hospital for three hours.

A spokesman from Morrisons said: "The Licensing Act requires us to not serve customers who are intoxicated. That can involve our colleagues making difficult judgements. We apologise if we have made a mistake on this occasion."