Lifestyle change opportunities courtesy of Sport 4 kidz

Grant Simpson, head coach
Grant Simpson, head coach

A Warsop-based coaching and development organisation has set up special drop-in sessions and sports programmes to encourage people to stay active.

Sport 4 kidz, based in the Warsop Town Hall, on Church Street, are offering their services to schools, and organising events and programmes to change the lifestyles of people by encouraging exercise and sports in and around the area.

Grant Simpson, head coach, said: "Even though we are an organisation aimed towards working with children, to ensure adults don't miss out we have got together with Warsop Vibrant and Mansfield District Leisure Trust to arrange drop-in sessions for adults, male and female, every Tuesdays from 9am to 12pm at The Shed.

"The reason behind this decision is to increase adult participation in exercise and hopefully encourage people to give it a go.

"We enjoy working together with the community, and it's nice when we get praised for the work we do, we want to make positive things happen and promote positivity in Warsop as there is enough negativity out there already.

"We have introduced a summer programme for kids to keep them entertained and active during the summer, as it can get quite boring, so there are loads of fun activities to keep them busy and give the parents a bit of a break.

"Its really easy to fall into bad habits and hang around with bad crowds and that's what we aim to reduce through Sports 4 kidz. We have received some good support from Ben Bradley MP and the Rotary Club, which shows the community spirit we have in Warsop

"We have between 80 to 100 youngsters every Monday who attend the youth club ,which is ran by Warsop youth whom we work with them over at The Shed, we work with schools and run their PE lessons which has been really successful.

"I have working in this role for the last 15 years and I honestly love doing it, the changes that we see from the youngsters we work with is incredible and I know it may not work with all children, but the majority of them have benefited from our training programmes.

To get involved or to sign up to the programmes get in touch with Sport 4 kidz via their Facebook page