Kirkby man battling prostate cancer 'expected to exceed' after starting clinical trial at King’s Mill Hospital

Peter French
Peter French

A Kirkby man who is battling prostate cancer is "expected to exceed" after taking part in a clinical trial at King’s Mill Hospital.

Peter French, aged 65, was given just two years to live after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, which had also spread to his bones.

Peter was given the opportunity to enter a clinical trial called STAMPEDE by the Research and Innovation Department at King’s Mill Hospital.

And, so far, the Sutton hospital has said he is "expected to exceed his prognosis" as he continues with the trial.

He said: “In December 2017 I visited my GP because I thought I had a water infection. When I returned to get the results of my blood tests my GP told me that I probably had prostate cancer.

“I had a biopsy and a bone scan with my urologist to determine how aggressive this cancer was. Unfortunately the cancer had spread to my pelvis, ribs and lymph nodes.

Peter had a tattoo on his arm with the Prostate Cancer symbol

Peter had a tattoo on his arm with the Prostate Cancer symbol

“My urologist gave me a prognosis of 18 months to two years. My oncologist said he may be able to improve on that as there is evidence to show that a clinical trial, STAMPEDE, can add years to a prognosis.

“It’s a no-brainer really. I signed up to the trial there and then. I researched online about the trial and people who were already on the trial said, just go for it. I thought, what’s to lose?

“You can’t fault the treatment I’ve had and I’m a great believer in the NHS.”

To commemorate his diagnosis, due to his sense of humour, Peter had a tattoo on his arm with the Prostate Cancer symbol and a best before date of 11-12-17 which was Peter’s diagnosis date.

Alison Steel, Head of Research and Innovation at the hospital, said: “We are in a great position to be able to offer patients these clinical trials at King’s Mill Hospital and Newark Hospital.

"Clinical trials are so important for the future of medicine; we have patients willing to give their time and energy to help future patients. Without research and innovation, healthcare would not move forward and our research staff and patients are a credit to the NHS.”

The Research and Innovation Department are holding a clinical trials day at King’s Mill Hospital on Thursday, May 16.

There will be information about the trials ran at Sherwood Forest Hospitals and how the system works.