King's Mill Hospital patient overjoyed to find her dog at her bedside after major surgery

A woman was amazed to find her pet dog Misty by her side after "major surgery" at King's Mill Hospital.

Jennifer Huntingdon, said her pet was by her side on Ward 31 for six days while she recovered.

Misty by her bedside.

Misty by her bedside.

Nurses at the hospital on Mansfield Road, Sutton, arranged to bring in the pet, which Jennifer said helped her with her recovery and anxiety.

Jennifer said: "I cannot thank the surgeons or nursing staff for the amazing treatment and care I received.

"But the most special of thanks must go to Jane Tomlinson, Sister in charge of Ward 31.

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"She was informed by pre-op nurse Carol of the extreme anxiety that myself and my girl Misty would suffer at being separated for any period of time.

Misty with staff at the hospital.

Misty with staff at the hospital.

"From that moment Sister Tomlinson went above and beyond to ensure this separation did not happen.

"Misty was waiting in recovery for me when I was brought out of theatre.

"So I could touch her and see her immediately I regained consciousness.

"For the six days I remained in hospital she slept at the side of my bed."

She also said that the staff also enjoyed having Misty on the ward as they competed to take her for a walk.

She said: "All of the wonderful staff would come to walk her(quite competitive at times).

"Our special thanks to all the staff, especially Jane Tomlinson and Paul Manning, the list is endless.

"This is proof positive of the efficacy of allowing certain pets to remain with their owners during hospital admissions, for a more speedy and positive recovery time. Kudos Kings Mill Hospital."

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