King’s Mill Hospital issues statement about ‘small chance of measles’

Chiefs at Sherwood Forest Hospitals have released a precautionary statement suggesting that some patients and guests in King’s Mill Hospital’s emergency department “could have been exposed to measles”.

In a statement on May 14, hospital chiefs warned that anyone who attended King’s Mill Hospital’s emergency department between 7pm on Wednesday, May 8, and 9am on Thursday, May 9, or between 7pm and 11pm on May 9, could have been exposed to the disease.

Kings Mill Hospital and car parking.

Kings Mill Hospital and car parking.

They have said there is only a “small chance” of this.

A trust spokesman said: “We are releasing a precautionary measure that, if you attended our emergency department during these times, there is a very small possibility that you may have been exposed to measles.

“If you are fit and well, have had measles before or are vaccinated, it is unlikely you will be affected.

“However, if you have a weakened immunity, you are advised to call your GP to seek advice.

“If you become unwell within the next three weeks, you may have been in the relevant area and you think it could be measles, you should ring your GP or the emergency department before you attend so they can make sure you do not pass the disease to others in the waiting room.”