Funds raised for Mansfield Woodhouse mum who is fighting 'terminal' cancer

A dedicated Niece has helped organise a fun day to raise money for her Aunt who is fighting "terminal" cancer.

Katie Morris, aged 26, of Orchard Street, Mansfield, said she wanted to raise funds for her Aunt who has stage 4 cancer in her pelvis, so she can "enjoy the time she has left".

Teresa Skevington, aged 45, of Bullock Close, Mansfield Woodhouse, was recently re-diagnosed with cancer after she got the all clear last year following an operation to remove her gallbladder.

The mother of nine, four of which are her step children, is currently on sick leave from her job at Morrisons in Kirkby.

Katie said: "We don't know how long she has left, she refused to find out, she just wants to enjoy the time she has left.

"She is a a grandmother and her youngest child is 14-years-old - everyone is really young.

"She is just amazing - she has always been very supportive.

"I wanted to raise as much as I can so I can support her as she has supported me - she is a very important part of my family."

The fun day was held at The Sunnydale Inn on Brown Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, where there was raffles and games.

And, £1551 was raised.

Katie said: "I had it in my head that I wanted to raise enough to send them away for a week - I had no idea it would be that much.

"It was really busy we are a big family anyway but a lot of people passing by came it - there was huge support."

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