These are the 13 postcodes in Mansfield with the most Covid-19 deaths

Latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics show where in Mansfield the 61 coronavirus related deaths have occurred.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal how many people died of Covid-19 across Mansfield between March 1 to May 31, 2020.

The list below shows which areas of the town were hardest hit by the virus in this period.

King’s Walk, Berry Hill and Oakham, which were grouped together in the data set, had the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the town. A total of eight people in the area lost their lives to Covid-19 between March and May. Out of the 33 people who died from all causes in King’s Walk, Berry Hill and Oakham during this period – coronavirus was responsible for 24% of deaths.

The area of Mansfield with the highest percentage of Covid-19 related deaths was Eakring and Ling Forest. From March to May, 2020, 28% of deaths in the area were due to the coronavirus.

While Oak Tree and Ransom Wood, which were grouped together as one area, and Church Warsop and Meden Vale had the joint lowest number of people dying because of coronavirus in the same period. There were only two Covid-19 deaths in both areas from March to May.

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