Nottinghamshire school confirm two coronavirus cases

A Nottinghamshire school has confirmed they ‘will not be fining’ parents who withdraw their children from school ahead of October half term after two staff tested positive for coronavirus.

Monday, 12th October 2020, 12:20 pm

Leamington Primary & Nursery Academy in Sutton-in-Ashfield confirmed in a letter to parents on October 8 that the school had received confirmation from Public Health England that two staff members had tested positive for the virus.

The cases were confined to a year two bubble who have been asked to self-isolate, however the school have also confirmed that anyone with children in other years wishing to keep their children at home, as a precaution, can do so without fear of being fined.

The school have also organised for food vouchers to be issued for families in year two who currently receive free school meals.

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Leamington Primary and Nursery Academy have two confirmed coronavirus cases.

Head Teacher Kaye McGuire explained: “Two members of staff at Leamington Primary Academy have tested positive for coronavirus.

"In line with our own risk assessment which meets government guidelines, and following advice from the Department for Education and also Public Health England we have asked the year two bubble to self-isolate.

“Because the staff members did not present symptoms whilst attending school we tracked their movements back further than usual, beyond that requested by Public Health England, and tracked back to before their symptoms were present and the last time they attended school.

"This extra vigilance we feel is necessary for peace of mind and our aim to be as safe as possible.

Leamington Primary & Nursery Academy had built a new outdoor eating area ready for the new term.

“Prior to developing symptoms, one member of staff only mixed within their own year group bubble, and contact with those children was minimal.

“The other member of staff had no contact with children.

“We have also decided that, because of how close we are to half term, we will not be fining parents should they wish to keep children at home, and online learning will be provided for the week.

“The children will have access to the same quality of learning with staff on hand to provide feedback each day.

“We are also providing vouchers for pupils entitled to free school meals, and who are in the self-isolating group, for the next week to ensure families are supported in providing meals for their children.

"It is important to us that parents and children feel supported in such times and that we are being vigilant in our efforts to safeguard the school community.”

Sarah Madigan is a parent at the school, alongside being district councillor for the Leamington estate, and she heaped praise on the way the school had handled the situation.

She said: “I want to personally send my thanks for the swift action in getting confirmation of a confirmed case at the academy.

“Since the school reopened Kaye McGuire and all the staff have done an amazing job at keeping our children safe, keeping students and parents informed every step of the way and have everything in place should students need to be absent at any time.

“The links for the e-learning have been extremely useful – they really do not get the credit they all deserve.”

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