Nottinghamshire families getting some feel good active support to get through lockdown

Lockdown has been tough for us all so Active Notts, whose aim is to enable people to get more active, have been working with key partners to start sending out 200 feel good boxes to families to try and make the current situation a bit more bearable and help them stay healthy and active.

The exact content in each box will vary from place to place but each will contain and ideas and items that focus of key areas of staying healthy in lockdown.

All the resources will have activity cards to go alongside them, acknowledging that not everyone has access to the internet for ideas to help make the most out of resources.

Helen Davis, strategic lead at Active Notts said: “We are working with partners across Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark and Sherwood to support families that might need a little bit of help at the moment.

Families in Nottinghamshire are being sent feel good boxes to help them get through lockdown

“Our partners in education, health and social care and the voluntary sector are telling us that some people living in the communities where higher health inequalities exist are at times, finding it harder to cope with lockdown.

“This is because of a number of reasons including, a lack of indoor space, limited outdoor space, often there are more people living in the household, underlying health problems, lower income, lack of IT and limited access to Wi-Fi.

“Our partnership approach will ensure resources are not duplicated and people are supported in the right way to get through lockdown.”

Residents will have the chance to take part in challenges and competitions, using the resources.Dr Thilan Bartholomeuz, GP and clinical lead at Mid-Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership, said: “This simple resource is providing an opportunity for services and providers to work closely together, build community relationships and working partnerships that will hopefully grow and develop, as together we work to help everyone get through lockdown.”