New online tool reveals exactly when you’re likely to get the coronavirus vaccine

It’s the question on many people’s lips – when will I be able to get the coronavirus vaccine?

Thursday, 7th January 2021, 1:30 pm

Well, you can now get an idea of when you will be able to get the jab thanks to a new online calculator.

Two vaccines are currently being administered to patients across the UK in the battle against Covid-19.

The first Oxford-AstraZeneca jabs started being rolled out on Monday, less than a month after the Pfizer version was approved for use in the UK.

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Nurse May Parsons (R) administers the Pfizer/BioNtech Covid-19 vaccine to Margaret Keenan (Photo by JACOB KING/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Both vaccines need to be given in two doses which are now set to be given 12 weeks apart in a bid to give more people their first shot sooner.

The new online calculator predicts your likely position in the queue after asking a series of questions.

The omni calculator asks for your age, whether you live or work in a care home, are pregnant or plan to be in the next three months and if you're a frontline health or social worker, classed as extremely vulnerable or have an underlying health condition.

Once answered, it will give an estimate on how many people are ahead of you in the queue.

Explaining that this is only a predicted estimate, the omni calculator site reads: "We also indicate how long it might be before you get the vaccine, based on the vaccination rate.

"By default, we base these figures on a vaccination rate of 1 million vaccinations a week and a default uptake rate of 70.6%.

"As more data on the actual vaccination rate is released, we may revise this default value."

You can use the calculator HERE