The new lockdown rules about visiting parents and family members

The government has issued new advice around meeting your family members during lockdown, with many criticising the contradictory information given out by officials over the past day.

By Lloyd Bent
Monday, 11th May 2020, 2:07 pm

Yesterday (May 10) the Prime Minster gave a speech where he said that the guidelines around working and exercising would change, as long as people followed social distancing rules.

Boris Johnson also said that people would be able to meet in parks to ‘chat’ and ‘sunbathe’ as long as they remained two metres apart.

These changes in the guidelines will also allow two people from different households to meet.

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Meetings in parks are now permitted, as long as you only meet one person at a time. Picture: Marie Caley

Asked about that advice on BBC Breakfast today, secretary of state Dominic Raab said: "So we've said that as long as you go out of home, for the park, for exercise, whatever it may be, you can go with members of your own household.

"If you're out in the park and you're 2m apart, and use some common sense and you socially-distance, you can meet up with other people."

Mr Raab explained that it would be possible to meet two people at different points in the same day, as long as everybody remained 2m apart at all times.

However, the advice Mr Raab gave on the BBC’s Today programme, which said that it was okay to meet two people at the same time as long as social distancing was adhered to, has since been discredited by the Government.

The UK Government put out a clarification saying people can only meet one person outside at a time.

Mr Raab was also asked if people would be able to meet family members at their homes if they stayed 2m away in the garden or on the driveway.

He replied: "We are not moving to a stage where we say that households can mix inside the home," he said.

"So just to be absolutely clear, people cannot mix within the home, and that advice is not changing."

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