Mansfield Woodhouse pharmacist 'disappointed' not to be involved with vaccine rollout

A Mansfield Woodhouse pharmacist said he is ‘disappointed’ more pharmacies are not able to help out with the Covid 19 vaccine programme.

By Dale Spridgeon
Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 4:40 pm

The Chad is currently backing calls to the Government to let high street pharmacies vaccinate people to help speed up the roll out and allow people to have their jabs closer to home.

Amo Khan – lead pharamcist at the nine staff-strong Oakwood Pharmacy on Church Street, Mansfield Woodhouse said he was disappointed they were not able to help out.

Pharmacist Amo Khan.

He said: “We are the first point of contact for people and we are being asked all the time why we can’t do the vaccinations. We are all trained and we have previously done the flu vaccine. We also carry out the Covid 19 rapid antigen test. People can just drop in and be tested by us.

"I know that some pharmacies in the south have got the contracts. We could have helped the surgeries with the number of vaccines they are having to do. It would make sense, it is an essential service that we could certainly help with, it’s a shame really.

“I know many pharmacists are disappointed that we weren’t invited to the discussion, but I suspect one reason we can’t do it at the moment might be down to storage, the logistics – one of the vaccines, the Pfizer one, needs to be kept at minus eighty degrees. The other ones the Astra Zeneca Oxford and Moderna can be more easily stored.”