We need to do 'everything necessary' to get schools reopened, Mansfield and Ashfield MPs say

Mansfield and Ashfield’s MPs have said we should do ‘everything necessary’ to get schools reopened ‘as soon as possible’, ahead of a debate in Parliament.

Speaking on the BBC, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he did not want to lift the current lockdown restrictions while infection rates were "still very high" and could not say that schools would reopen before April's Easter break.

He said on Tuesday: "It will go on a little bit more yet. We will be looking at where we have got to on February 15, we hope to have vaccinated 15 million people across the whole of the UK by then. Daily we look at data to decide when we can lift restrictions.

"Schools obviously will be a priority but I don’t think anybody would want us to lift restrictions so quickly while the rate of infection is still high so as to lead to another great spread of infection.

Lee Anderson MP

“We will tell teachers and parents as much as we can as soon as we can. I am sure people don’t want a premature relaxation and another big surge of infection.”

The issue is being raised in Urgent Question (UQ) in Parliament today (Tuesday.)

Before the debate, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley said: “I’m hesitant to comment on rumours, as Government hasn’t announced anything like this at this stage. There is a UQ in the Commons tomorrow (Tuesday) on exactly this when we might find out more.

Ben Bradley MP

“My own view is that we should be taking whatever steps are necessary to get schools open as soon as possible. We’re seeing significant falls in the transmission of the virus, which should be followed by falls in mortality and hospitalisation in the coming weeks, and getting schools back should be a huge priority.”

And Lee Anderson. MP for Ashfield and Eastwood said: “My inbox is full of parents wanting their kids to be able to go back to school and hardly any against the idea. I have joined with other MPs to push Government on this.

“For me its simple. Give the teachers and staff the vaccine as soon as possible and when our priority groups have been vaccinated then let's give parents the chance to get their kids back in school to join the others who have been schooled throughout.”