Watch heartwarming video of Mansfield primary pupils perform poem about town

Learning about Mansfield’s past and showing pride in their town is the key message of a project by children at a Pleasley school.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 3:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 3:38 pm

Pupils at Farmilo Primary School have been learning about everything from the town’s mining heritage, sporting prowess and even got the opportunity to learn from two of the town’s leading politicians.

The Year 6 children, who have been led by teacher Adam Newman, spent time generating ideas about “what it means to come from Mansfield”, discussing football, Sherwood Forest and our historic market, just to name a few.

And, as the school does every year, the children have looked to publish their work in writing – this year creating a poem called We Are Mansfield, which they have even performed on local radio.

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Farmilo Primary School pupils.

Mr Newman said: “We get the children to publish a book every year and this year we thought it was important to teach them about where they come from.

“We wanted to give them a better understanding of the town, their place in it now and their place in it in the future.

“We’ve had Andy Abrahams, Mansfield mayor, in to talk about planning applications, and Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP, spoke about the high street and money.

“We’ve also taken them into town to learn about town centre heritage.

“It has been fabulous, we’ve worked with poet Jamie Thrasivoulou and come up with some really magical lines.

“I think the poem really brings to life Mansfield.

“It’s been a really exciting project to work on, with some creative lines and stories by the kids, as well as a number of non-fiction ideas.

“I think the children should be really proud of what they have achieved.”

The poem in full:

We are Mansfield,

strong like Stags.

We. Are. Mansfield.

Home to the oldest football ground,

Football crowds sing loud and proud,

World Cup winners graced our grass,

And Sandy Pate showed his class.

Yellow and blue,

Represents our crew,

Glistening the pitch with victory.

We are Mansfield.

Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood,

The Major Oak stands tall and proud.

Rob from the rich,

give to the poor,

He’s our Robin Hood, get your hands off!

We. Are. Mansfield.

Our Market is our beating heart,

Penny Farthings rolling out,

Sorby Buxton is our Picasso,

Now our museum displays them all.

We are Mansfield.

There’s a demand for our sand,

Its celebrity status improves the land.

Isolated coal mines abandoned on hilltops,

Missing the workers’ dirty hands and sweaty bodies,

The coal was our town’s supply,

Helping all the families survive.

We are Mansfield.

A slinky that springs back from good and bad,

Machines turning, people learning,

An education by Royal approval,

Teamwork is key,

We are the place to be.

We are Mansfield.

Our heritage of creativity,

A history of industry,

Metal Box towers over the forest,

Linney words go round the world,

A slice of Mansfield with your brew. Made in Mansfield.

ShoeCo made the shoes,

to warm your chilly feet,

Brewery hops filled the air,

We’re proud of our town,

A family, not a community.

A home, not a destination.

A place to spend your finest days in.

We are one.

Together, we are Mansfield,

Man’s best friend,

We ARE Mansfield.

And We. LOVE. Mansfield.