Virtual Tour: E-mag prospectus showcases high-achieving Frederick Gent School

WELCOME to Frederick Gent School!

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Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, 4:07 am

The high-achieving comprehensive school today showcased its broad and varied curriculum with its new 2020 prospectus also available online – in the form a page-turning interactive e-mag.

VIEW HERE: The e-mag prospectus is searchable by keywords and thumbnail views, includes links to its website and can be downloaded or printed. Read it now – CLICK HERE.

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Frederick Gent School, on Mansfield Road (B6019) in South Normanton, has a good and growing reputation as an innovative, high-achieving school with a well-ordered, caring and secure environment in which all youngsters can learn with confidence.

Last summer it again celebrated record breaking GCSE results.

Proud Head teacher Chris Woollard said it was a testament to the hard work and dedication shown by students, parents and excellent staff.

The prospectus is a showcase of all it has to offer and the school today launched it with the following statement:

Page-turning interactive e-mag prospectus showcases Frederick Gent School

We are a school with a broad and varied curriculum which allows pupils to widen their horizons and experience success in a variety of different subjects.

We are also a school that provides an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to ensure pupils enjoy their time with us and are exposed to new and exciting opportunities.

This allows them to grow personally and socially. We are determined that pupils will leave the school as confident and ambitious young people who are well prepared to embark on a happy and successful life beyond the school gates.

Built around the core subjects, English, maths and sciences, our inclusive curriculum aims to prepare all students to be successful in both formal examinations and their future lives.

Frederick Gent School goes virtual with video tour and online prospectus

Our curriculum, across all five-year groups, gives students the opportunity to experience a broad range of subjects, skills and different learning styles.

Throughout the early years at Frederick Gent School, students will be given many exciting and important opportunities.

These include; studying a range of humanities’ subjects, discovering the language and culture of foreign countries, exploring the arts through music, art, dance and drama, practising manual skills through design technology and food, learning to work in the world of information technology and digital media, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical education.

As students’ progress, all are given the opportunity to choose which of these subjects, alongside the core elements, they will continue to study up to examination level, at the end of Year 11.

Making education a blast of fun at Frederick Gent School

Frederick Gent School is ABOUT:

Aiming high – We expect everyone; students, staff, parents and governors to be ambitious and have an expectation of success. This is a goal for all those who work at and attend Frederick Gent School.

Behaving well – We expect our students to care about themselves, each other and the school environment. Students are expected to wear their uniform properly and with pride and to be respectful and courteous at every turn. Most importantly, we expect our students to approach their learning with commitment and enthusiasm to ensure they become bright and well-rounded individuals.

Openness to new experiences – We expect our students to be ready and willing to try new things and to take on new challenges to ensure their success goes beyond just their academic results.

Unity – We expect our students, staff, parents and governors to work together to provide care and support for each other but also to challenge their peers to be the best they can be in all areas.

Tenacity – We expect everyone to be relentless in the pursuit of a quality education for all.

Curriculum includes a broad range of subjects including the arts - dance, music, art and drama

As a school we motivate our students to achieve these expectations through recognition, reward and celebration.

There are a variety of ongoing reward systems in place to positively acknowledge the success of our students as well as key event which represent the culmination of these systems and the hard work and dedication of our students.

The school reopens on Monday, September 7

For more information about our school, you can visit our brand new website, download a copy of the new prospectus and find out more information about the school and what it has to offer at


Tel: 01773 811737