Pupils teach Ashfield MP how to 'take five' to reduce stress

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Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero ‘took five’ with Kirkby schoolchildren as she found out more about how they have been learning to cope with stress.

Ms De Piero visited Kirkby College where pupils from Morven Park Primary School and Abbey Hill Primary School gave a demonstration of the work they have been doing as part of the ‘Take Five at School’ programme.

Run by Nottinghamshire-based company, Each Amazing Breath, the programme aims to help children build resilience by learning techniques to reduce stress, frustration, worry and


It involves the children adopting grounding and breathing techniques which they can do by themselves or in groups

The idea is that once they have mastered the techniques, the children are better able to cope with exam stress, managing their emotions and have better sleep, concentration and resilience, by using them when they need to.

Nine-year-old Amber, from Morven Park, told Gloria: “Take Five can help you if you’re angry and stressed and calm you down. I use it help me to go to sleep too.”

Nine-year-old Sophia, from Abbey Hill, said: “I would not be as calm as I am now if I didn’t know how to Take Five.

“People can become really stressed and not have anything to calm themselves down with.”

AJ, 10, from Morven Park, explained that in his role as a Take Five ambassador and trainer, he teaches the techniques to others and leads practices in classes at his school.

“It’s helped me with my issues and helps me go to sleep,” he said.

Gloria joined in, led by eight-year-old Skye from Abbey Hill during her visit.

Gloria said: “I was so impressed with what the children from all three schools told me about Take Five and how they use the techniques to help themselves.

“I was certainly more relaxed after having a go.

“It is so reassuring to know that our young people are being well prepared for the stresses and strains of modern-day life and are learning how to cope before issues adversely affect them. You can already see the difference this programme is making.”