Meden School celebrates students efforts with special guest.

Year 8 pupil Rhianna Gash, with Jake Ball
Year 8 pupil Rhianna Gash, with Jake Ball

International cricketer Jake Ball made a special appearance for his former school as part of an event to celebrate the achievements of students.

Staff, students and parents attended the event, held by Warsop's Meden School, which took place at the John Fretwell Sporting Complex, in Sookholme, on Thursday, July 11.

The evening recognised students' achievements, and to make them aware their efforts and hard work was being noticed.

The nominations were split into categories based on the subjects taught and five students (one from each year group) were selected by their teachers and presented with a certificate and medal.

Aside from subject awards, there were spirit of Meden awards, attitude to learning awards and headteachers awards.

The evening started with a speech from the headteacher Chris James and followed with a motivational speech from former pupil and current Nottinghamshire and England cricketer Jake Ball.

Speaking about the event, Mr James said: "The evening is something we do once a year and is a celebration of those children who may not get noticed. Normally quiet, unassuming children may think their talents are not being noticed but that's not the case at Meden School.

"Children who are not loud and make no noise in terms of their talents and skills are vital for us and it's important for us as a school to make sure we motivate and promote these individuals.

""We are immensely proud of all of our students at Meden and the contributions they make to school and community life, and these evenings give us the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

"Part of the reason behind having someone for the talk who has attended the school is to inspire these children to work hard and one day be the one we invite to do a speech for future pupils"

Mr Ball said: "When I got the call from the school,I was excited and wanted to come back as I have not been back since finishing school.

"Meden School set me on the right track and my job now is to motivate and influence these pupils to achieve more and work to the best of their ability. Leaving school can be quite tough and daunting as you are unsure as to what you want to do, so my message to the students is not to worry, try everything as your career can take a sharp turn, give it your best shot and see where you go from there.

"There are loads of options in terms of careers and it not just cricket or sports, you can do whatever you want to do as long as you work hard and enjoy what you do.

"It was nice to come back and see one or two familiar faces, a lot has changed and the school has developed and worked hard to get where it is at the moment, so I am really impressed and hopefully it can continue improving"