Mansfield primary school recognises 'still work to do' after being ordered to improve

Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.
Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.

Bosses at a Mansfield primary school that has been ordered to improve by education watchdog Ofsted have recognised "there is still work to do".

Wainwright Primary Academy, on Harrop White Road, was deemed to have "good" provisions for its leadership and management, personal development and its early years provision, when visited last month.

Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.

Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.

But the watchdog viewed that its quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils still require overall improvement, saying they are "not yet consistently good across the school".

Staff were ordered to "eliminate the inconsistencies" in their teaching to ensure pupils make "consistently good progress" across the school.

The inspector did praise how the academy has "created an inclusive and safe community", noting that the "relationships between staff and pupils are strong", and that "children get off to a good start in the early years".

Leaders were ordered to "further improve leadership and management", by ensuring better development in "subject specific skills", and for pupils' "spiritual and cultural awareness" to be increased.

Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.

Picture: Wainwright Primary Academy.

In response to the inspection, Lucy Spacey, principal of Wainwright Primary Academy, said: “There are so many positives to take from the Ofsted report, and we are proud of the progress that has taken place during the past three years at Wainwright Primary.

"Our talented staff are dedicated to providing the best standard of education possible for all pupils, in a safe, secure and inspiring environment – children are happy here, and it is a privilege to lead this academy and team.

"We recognise there is still work to do and have strategic plans in place to achieve this - with the support of the Diverse Academies team, our community and our governors, the academy will continue to develop and support the education of children in this area.”

In the report, Ofsted said: "The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good.

"Leaders have created a caring and supportive learning community where pupils feel safe, and taken effective action to build positive relationships with parents and carers.

"They provide parents with a wealth of information about their children’s learning and what is happening in the school.

"Although improving, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the school is not consistently good. There are variations between classes, year groups and subjects.

"When the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is strong, pupils with SEND make good progress.

"However, this is not consistently the case. The support that pupils with SEND receive for their physical, personal and emotional needs helps them to develop a positive attitude towards their academic learning."