Delight as Sutton school given national recognition as 'behaviour hub'

Staff at a Sutton school are all smiles after it was named a ‘behaviour hub’.

By Jon Ball
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 2:10 pm

Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School, on Henning Lane, has been awarded the prestigious status by the Department for Education.

The hubs support other schools or trusts to develop good behaviour, as well as improving engagement and mental health and wellbeing within schools.

Both Mapplewells and the multi-academy trust it belongs to, Flying High Partnership, have been selected as behaviour hubs.

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Children at work at Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School in Sutton.

Grant Worthington, school headteacher, said: “It is a great honour and privilege to be selected.

“At our school we have worked hard to develop a culture, which has embedded over many years, which is essentially around being a proud ‘Mapplewellian’.

“This is a consistent set of principles which staff, children and families believe in.

“It is important to say no school will always get it right, but you do have to strive to be better every day.

Mapplewells headteacher Grant Worthington, right, with deputy headteacher Andrew Whittle and pupils.

“We are always looking to improve and adopt good practice wherever we see it working well.”

Paul Goodman, deputy chief executive officer at Flying High, whose other schools include Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy and Mansfield’s Flying High Academy Ladybrook, said: “This designation recognises the hard work of Mapplewells and the trust as a whole to support every child within our care to thrive.

“We are incredibly proud of our staff, and our children, in achieving this national recognition.”

The status has been welcomed by pupils.

Chloe Morton, Mapplewells head girl, said: ““We know we can always talk to teachers about anything and that helps to get things off your chest and sort things out quickly. That helps to stop bad behaviour before it happens, and we are all proud to behave well.”

Hugh Smith, head boy, said: “We have a lot of children who behave very well at Mapplewells, we know how to behave and follow school rules. We know why we are doing it.

“We are proud to be Mapplewellians.”

Andrew Whittle, deputy headteacher, said: “We have a ground-up approach to our ethos which everyone believes in and supports, from children, families, site, admin, lunch, and kitchen staff to support staff and


“We are here to support each other, and that communication is key to creating a safe, effective and vibrant school.”

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