Council issues advice over spate of 'wasps' in Ashfield

Advice has been given out by Ashfield District Council following a number of reports from concerned residents.

The council has said it received calls about mortar/miner bees which "look and move like wasps".

A mortar/miner bee.

A mortar/miner bee.

A council spokesman has said the council cannot do anything about the bees because of how they nest.

The spokesman said: "We are receiving a number of calls about mortar/miner bees at the minute from concerned residents.

"These bees can't sting you and only have a life span of a few weeks. They also don’t have nests and instead lay a single egg in the ground or brickwork, meaning we cannot actually treat them.

"Visually, they look and move like wasps but they are no threat whatsoever. If you are still unsure please call our friendly Pest Control team on 0800 183 8484."