Ashfield School students celebrate GCSE results - here are their reactions to the school's 'best ever' grades

"Hard work pays off", that is what one Ashfield School student said as weeks of waiting for GSCE results is finally over.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 1:26 pm
Ellena Upson with Kim Sutcliffe, head of languages.

Students at the school on Sutton Road, Kirkby, are celebrating their results, despite "tougher" exams being brought in earlier this year.

Danielle Roe, aged 16, said she could not believe her results when she opened them.

She said: "Hard work does pay off, you do get what you put in.

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Heritage Afolabi and Danielle Roe.

"I was getting grade 4's all year but I pulled out a grade 6 in the actual exam.

"Now I can do all the courses I want to."

The Sutton resident, who is planning to be a paramedic or a police officer in the future, is set to stay at Ashfield to study science, psychology and history.

Twins Jessica and Jodi James, were celebrating their grades together.

Alisha Pearce and Jacob Pollard.

Both 16 and from Forest Town said they were really happy and shocked by their results.

Jessica said: "I'm proud of my English grades, I got a grade 6 in language and a grade 7 in literature.

"I'm going to be taking applied science, sociology and English literature next."

Jodi said: "I got a grade 7 in maths which is like an A, I'm pretty proud of that.

Emily Roach, drama teacher with Hayden Peat.

"I am very happy, I'm a bit taken back by it."

They are both set to stay at Ashfield.

The school has said that it is celebrating its "best ever" GCSE results, with more than 60 per cent of students achieving higher grades in both English and Maths.

The school also welcomed its best ever A-level results last week with a 100 percent pass rate.

Heather Edwards is set to go to Welbeck College on a graduate scheme.

Head teacher John Maher said: "The results this year reflect the buoyant academic culture at Ashfield School. We have been overwhelmed with positivity and happy faces today, as we were last week on A-level results day, and we are all very proud of each and every student who has worked with us to achieve their best."

Hayden Peat, is aspiring to be an actor after achieving a grade 8 in drama.

The 16-year-old from Huthwaite said: "My drama grade is the main one I am proud of.

"Hopefully I will take up a career in acting."

He is set to stay at the school to take drama and preforming arts and media studies.

Jodi and Jessica James with Mr Maher the head teacher.

Heritage Afolabi said she surpassed her expected grade in biology and got four grades higher with a grade 9.

The 16-year-old from Kirkby said: "I was not expecting it."

She is planning to stay at Ashfield and take chemistry, maths and biology.

Madi Smith, aged 16, from Kirkby said: "I got a 9 in drama, I stayed at school till 6pm for ages doing rehearsals so it paid off.

"I am very happy with my grades - it has been a long few weeks."

She will be staying on at the school to study preforming arts and media, but has not picked her two other subjects.

Jacob Pollard, aged 16, from Kirkby, said: "I am feeling really good about my results. I did better in maths, drama and science than expected.

"I'm not a hundred percent on what I want to do after college - I might go to university."

He is set to go to Nottingham College to study maths, physics, computer science and business.

Ellena Upson, aged 16, form Hucknall, was one of Ashfield's best performing students for languages.

She achieved a grade 9 in French and a grade 7 in German.

She is now set to go to a sixth form in Hucknall to study, biology, chemistry, English language and French.