Farnsfield farm attraction and MP welcome news that Covid 19 closures lifted

The Government is now allowing the outdoor visitor venues to re-open from Monday, June 15.

Rebecca Allott operations manager at White Post Farm, Mansfield Road, said it was “exciting news” but that it would be a couple weeks before the farm would be up and running.

She said: “It is really great, but we didn’t open on Monday.

“It has been a tough time for us, with many of our staff furloughed and coping with the financial impact of having no visitor revenue.

“But we are pleased to be able to get back to normal, and once we have received the official statement from DEFRA, communicated with our local council, as well doing some preparation work on the farm, we will be open to the public again soon.”

She added: “We are also looking forward to launching a brand new visitor attraction, our falconry experience, with all kinds of birds of prey, as well as owls and we’ll be having displays of falconry.”

The farm has been running for over 30 years, giving children and adults the chance to get up close with all kinds of animals, from cows, sheep and ducks, to exotic creatures such as the Sulcata Tortoise, Giant African land snails and tarantulas.Mansfield’s MP Ben Bradley MP has also welcomed the Government’s decision.He said: “I received a huge amount of emails and comments on my Facebook page urging me to put pressure on Government to reopen zoos and wildlife parks.

“I raised this issue with Ministerial colleagues and I am really pleased that they have listened to the concerns of my constituents across Mansfield and Warsop.

“Zoos have been unable to furlough staff as they are needed to care for the animals, whilst from a health perspective there is little difference between them and many outdoors attractions that are already open, so it’s right to allow them to get moving and it will be a welcome relief for many that zoos and wildlife parks will soon be open to the public.”

He said the Government would be working closely with the zoo industry and was “confident” this could be done safely with safeguards and limits on visitor numbers.

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