See what the proposed new development for hundreds of homes and a supermarket at Warsop might look like

The developers behind plans to build hundreds of new houses and a superstore at Warsop have released an artist impression of what it would look like.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 1:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 2:46 pm

Your Chad has been given an exclusive preview of plans for the long awaited development now to be called King John Park.

The development formerly known as the Gateway to Market Warsop has been proposed by land promotion and acquisition business The Land and would have 4-500 houses, a large supermarket, and with employment and retail units would be expected to generate around 500 jobs in the area.

Managing director Mitchel Hunt said: “This site is our new landmark site and we are excited to try and bring this forward for the future generation of Market Warsop.

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An artist impression of the proposed King John Park in Warsop.

“King John Park is a large mixed development scheme heavily focused around the delivery of employment and larger retail units. The land itself is a Greenfield infill site of existing housing and allocated employment land to the East on Oakfield Lane.

We are also looking to deliver some much need high quality housing to an area that is predominantly old coal board/authority housing.

Our aim is to forward this site and engage with all the local authorities to name a few Mansfield District Council, Warsop Parish, Nottinghamshire County Council , and most importantly the local population.

“We are a local business and I personally grew up 200m from this site on Oakfield Lane, most of the family members still live in Warsop.

Mitchel Hunt of The Land who are planning an 80 acre development at Warsop.

“So, we know and understand exactly what is needed and wanted.

“We feel Warsop has needed a landmark development of this size that can deliver certain projects for some time. Most of the villages and towns that surround Warsop have seen mass investment. Ollerton, Shirebrook and Forest Town have all seen major development happen.

“We are looking to promote this site to deliver for the next generation and something with the youth in mind.”

He said the master planning for a large supermarket complex would house a major retail unit with parking and access,

The entrance to the proposed King John Park in Warsop.

There would be scope for smaller units, such as a coffee shop and gym.

He added: “We are looking at circa 4-500 houses which can be added as windfall and a zone of retirement living which will deliver extra care facilities and single storey living.

We could also look at potential age concern apartments.

“Again, this will become clearer over time. We are looking at the community feel that can house all family members heading into the future.

An outline of the land for the proposed King John Park in Warsop.

We understand there are around 800-900 school places left in Market Warsop, however we will engage with everyone on this.

“This project will deliver on all aspects and we are not looking to simply overexert the housing supply.

“We also want a project that deliver quality housing something that Market Warsop is short on.

We already work with many regional and national housebuilders and will look to get the end users on board once we are happy MDC are on board.

The plans also include land put aside so a smaller new train station could be developed linking to the proposed Robin Hood Line and a possible park and ride, next to the proposed supermarket.

As well as the large supermarket land for employment could house new offices and larger retail units.

A plan of the proposed King John Park in Warsop.

Mr Hunt, who served in the Parachute Regiment for 11 years before setting up the business added: “As well as the large supermarket in mind we have also set aside on the master planning land for employment this could house anything from new offices and again larger retail units. This site could house a head office or smaller offices. King John Park could be a co-living community that people work and live. We will market this part from the off and we will look to deliver this site to deliver more employment opportunities locally.

“We are hoping if this site comes forward it will deliver over 500 jobs, what we need is council and local support to get this project moving forward. If the end users see support, then we are confident this project will be a massive success and something that will deliver employment not just in the building process but beyond. This will then also give the surrounding area a major boost and then could see more investment follow it.”

There will also be a side project, the King John Trail which it is hoped could attract tourism to the area which will start and finish at the site and be over 10 miles long taking on the Parliament Oak.

The firm will hold a public consultation in the near future and a Facebook page has been set up. They can be contacted at