Retail shops and offices proposed under new Warsop development

Plans have been put forward for a huge new retail development in Warsop.

The plans, submitted by the ARBA Group which is involved with the potential redevelopment of the old Mansfield bus station, would see six different retail units built at the site near Church Street, where the Strand Cinema was based.

An artist's impression of the site.

An artist's impression of the site.

The cinema is now derelict and numerous plans have been put forward to develop the site, however no progress has been made in development.

But now plans have been submitted to Mansfield District Council for a new 'The Strand' retail complex at the site, which developers say would "revitalise the area" of Market Warsop.

The retail site would comprise of six units, two with two floors, meaning there would be scope for eight separate businesses to establish in the parish.

These include the potential for two office buildings, three retail or food outlets and three other units.

An artist's impression of the site.

An artist's impression of the site.

In the design and access statement submitted by the ARBA Group to Mansfield District Council, the developers say that the demolition of the former Strand Cinema will "only have a positive impact" on the area, helping to "boost the economy" of the Market Warsop retail centre.

A spokesman for the group said: "The application site is well linked to Market Warsop district centre, preferable to other, nearby sites and is not deemed to have an adverse impact on the vitality and visibility of the centre or wider area.

"It is intended that the existing Strand Cinema building be demolished as a whole as part of this development.

"The demolition of the cinema will result in the loss of a non-designated heritage asset.

The Strand.

The Strand.

"The industrial massing and architectural style of the vacant building both conflict and dramatically contrast against the 18th century domestic architectural backdrop of the Church Street, street scene, along with the wider character of the conservation area.

"All things considered the demolition of the existing vacant structure will only have a positive impact upon the site, adjacent non heritage assets, listed buildings and the wider Market Warsop conservation area.

"The proposed development will only serve to positively impact upon the Market Warsop through considerate design, increased connectivity, permeability, sustainability, employment opportunity and footfall all resulting in the revitalisation of the area as a whole.

"Overall the proposals represent an important and much needed development in Market Warsop."

The planning application will be considered by Mansfield District Council's planning committee in the coming months.

There will be an information event for Warsop residents about the new plans at Warsop Town Hall, on Church Street, from 3pm until 6pm on Wednesday, May 22.

To find out more about the planning application, visit the Mansfield District Council planning portal here.