Planning application for a childrens home in Clipstone refused

Mansfield District Council has refused planning permission for a conversion of a dwelling house to a children’s home in Clipstone.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 5:14 pm

The application was for a certificate of lawful proposed use for a change of use of a dwelling house to small scale home for children at Wouldow House, 11 Mansfield Road, Clipstone.

The applicant proposed that the property be used as a small-scale home for children (aged between eight and 17 years old), accommodating up to a maximum of four children at any one time.

The application stated there would be no physical changes to the external appearance of the property, with no signs, notices or formal parking areas. The property would continue to present itself externally and

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internally as a dwelling house.

It adds: “The home would be a ‘settled care project’ and would aim, as far as possible, to present as a normal family home. In line with the settled aspect of the home the children would be in the long-term

care of the local authority and therefore experiencing some emotional and behavioural difficulties.

“The home would provide accommodation for children ideally until they are ready to move to semi-independent homes or return home to their families.

“Therefore, the YMCA expectmedium to long term placements rather than short term. Their analysis of the length of stay in 2017 showed an average length of stay of two years.

The home would be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by between two (minimum) and four (maximum) non-resident carers at any one time. A typical day time would involve the presence of

three to four members of staff, whereas at night time, when the home is settled, typically only two non-resident staff would remain in the home. An exception to this is during shift handover,

where the number of staff may temporarily increase due to the presence of the exiting and incoming staff. This is a very short period of time that allows for the exchange of key information

to ensure the continued smooth service delivery.”

The planning officer said the proposed use would be likely to affect the property and its surroundings by virtue of the number of children to be accommodated within the property , the number of staff and the effects of comings and goings from the property and the type of children having potential emotional and behavioural issues.

This may, the report adds, result in disturbances to surrounding neighbours.

this meant a lawful certificate could not be granted.