'Get involved and better our town’ says a Sutton community group

The group at the relaunch.
The group at the relaunch.

“Let’s work together to create a better Sutton” – that is what a community group is planning to do as it opens its doors to fresh members.

Sutton Town Centre Group, a non-profit group made up of members of the community, has been supporting the town for decades, but has now been relaunched with a new image .

Trevor Middleton, Ashfield District Council town centres and markets manager, is part of the group.

He said: “It has always been a good mover for the town centre – it has always been there and it is a good working group for the town.

“We have got some fanatic retailers in the town which could stand anywhere – you could put them in any part of the country.

“We need to get people working together for the greater good of the town.

“There is an appetite for it, we just need to build on it, and this group is a good way to do it.”

The group, which used to hold events in the town centre including a Solstice event and Christmas event, also discusses changes to the town and helps share news.

The group held an open session at the Attic Café in Sutton Community Academy, High Pavement, yesterday, Tuesday, April 30, to try to attract new members.

Liz Barrett, of the Academy Transformation Trust, which runs the academy, is part of the group and attended the event.

She said: “We are trying to work together to create a vibrant community.

“We are a well-established group which is active within the area.

“The aim and ethos of the group is to support regeneration and residents quality of life by linking up key stakeholders who work together to ensure our local town is as vibrant, well supported and as active as possible.

“We are actively seeking new members from the business community as well as residents. A positive mindset is required along with a small commitment of time to support projects and initiatives.”

Chris Metcalf, academy sports and leisure development manager, joined the group in 2011.

Speaking about changes made to the group over the year,s he said: “I joined the group when I first joined the academy. Over the years some fantastic events have been held and the group has given a platform to businesses and community groups so they can come together.

“People have come and gone from the group and now it is about all about reestablishing the group .

“There are a lot of people doing fantastic things in the town, but, often in my experience, they can do those things in isolation.

“We want people to be included in the decision making from this point.

“We are all about the positivity in town and if people are having challenges we want to see if we can help them.”