Edwinstowe Mum and Daughter launch 'Neuro Network' Movement For Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

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Charlotte Mather, 44 and her daughter Erin Mather, 18, are a formidable duo from Edwinstowe, Nottingham, who are on a mission to revolutionise the way people network in business.

They are launching their new venture ‘Neuro Network’ (https://neuro-network.co.uk/), which is all about making sure everyone feels welcome, specifically catering to neurodivergent entrepreneurs and businesses that support the neurodivergent community seeking connection, collaboration, and creative inspiration.

Frustrated by the lack of accommodations in traditional networking events, Charlotte, who has ADHD, and Erin, who is Autistic and has Misophonia, decided to create a space that addressed theirs and many others’ specific needs, having found that; loud environments, rigid social interactions and a lack of understanding of neurodiversity to be significant barriers.

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Neurodiversity and neurodivergent, is a term that refers to the diversity of the human brain and how it functions, these terms includes individuals who have; ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, Misophonia and more.

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Use the 'submit a Story' link to tell us your news.

Some incredibly famous entrepreneurs who have talked about being neurodivergent include; Richard Branson, Charles Schwab and Tim Ferriss.

Charlotte's experiences in the corporate world and Erin's school journey, have deeply influenced the creation of ‘Neuro Network’.

Erin struggled with Misophonia and Autism, enduring bullying, and sensory overload throughout her school and college years.

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Erin shares; “I’ve always struggled to fit in. Ever since I can remember I have felt like I’m different. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with Misophonia with the help of my mum, who’s my biggest advocate.

"Misophonia is a neurological condition where my fight or flight response is triggered by certain sounds. As I got older and met other neurodivergent people I started to realise that maybe I had autism.

"I researched the hell out of it and eventually found myself in the AuDHD community which is autism and ADHD. I finally felt as though I fitted in somewhere. I’ve always had an incredibly strong sense of justice and I care a lot about equality. Starting Neuro Network with my mum gave me a way to express these feelings and a way to make a difference in the world.”

Having navigated 6-figure salary strategic roles in finance and analytics, Charlotte faced problems around; navigating changes, feeling like an outsider and being ‘un-boss-about-able’, believing this is due to her (then) undiagnosed ADHD.

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Charlotte said; “I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and although my diagnosis answered so many questions, it also raised many more.

"We are both eager to share our story because we believe it will inspire others. Often, people see our success on social media and think we're effortlessly thriving. What they don't realise is the challenges we've overcome to reach this point. It's crucial for us to highlight that despite the hardships, achieving your goals is possible - we’re here to help change the narrative.”

A survivor of the 9/11 attacks, Charlotte struggled for many years to really qualify to herself her purpose in life… constantly questioning; What had she been spared for? What did she really have to offer the world? It was when she turned 40 that she really honed in, feeling miserable whilst earning a 6-figure salary in a corporate role, she knew deep down she was here to help and heal others, she could feel this was her purpose.

Alongside launching ‘Neuro Network’, Charlotte is a highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach who’s reclaimed and recrafted her life to be one she delights in, after years of hating herself, she’s now a beacon of hope for others feeling stuck with their lot, moving them from feeling hopeless to hopeful, trapped to truly enlightened and from unworthy to empowered.

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In 2023, when Erin left college, Charlotte suggested Erin come to work with her as a digital marketing apprentice, Charlotte explains; “This led us to our local network events, which whilst lovely and friendly, weren’t always able or willing to make the accommodations that we particularly needed and this got us thinking… and led to us launching Neuro Network.”

The duo’s first-hand experiences have fuelled their desire to create a more inclusive space for neurodivergent individuals to connect and thrive personally and professionally. And, as part of their new collective endeavour ‘Neuro Network’, they have together taken steps to ensure that their networking events will serve as a model for what inclusive professional gatherings can look like.

‘Neuro Network’ offers thoughtful accommodations to ensure an encouraging and productive experience, prioritising accessibility for all attendees.

Erin adds; “With amenities like quiet zones for those who may become overwhelmed by overstimulation, like me.”

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The duo will also offer pre-visit venue tours to manage anxiety and attention to detail by eliminating distracting noises such as clinking cups and saucers.

Additionally, attendees can choose their preferred greeting style and receive contact details electronically, taking away the stress of remembering to collect business cards. Understanding that attention spans can vary, ‘Neuro Network’ features short, 10-minute presentations designed to be engaging and informative.

Charlotte said: “This is one-of-a-kind networking that has been missing from the business world. We celebrate the beauty of unique minds because great minds DON’T think alike. Through ‘Neuro Network’, we are not just building a business—we're building a movement towards a more inclusive and understanding world, changing the way people connect in business, one step at a time.

“The early response to Neuro Network has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees, some travelling long distances, have expressed a sense of safety and belonging that they haven't found elsewhere.”

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With the growing awareness of this new network, Charlotte and Erin’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment is resonating with entrepreneurs nationwide.

As they continue to expand their reach, they aim to host the Neurodivergent Business Awards, recognising and celebrating the achievements of neurodivergent entrepreneurs, while raising awareness of neurodivergence in the business world and expanding their networking events nationally.