Interview: 60 Seconds with Palace panto star Adam Moss

It's almost panto time again at Mansfield's Palace Theatre with Peter Pan set to run at the theatre from November 26-December 31.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 7:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:23 pm

Here’s a 60 Seconds With... interview with Adam Moss, who plays Smee in the eagerly-awaited production.

Is this your first visit to Mansfield? (If not, when were you last here and with which show?)

I was here two years ago in Sleeping Beauty as Silly Billy.

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What is your usual daily routine and how do you think the Panto schedule will differ?

I’m always up quite early because as well as a comedy variety act, I also have a media company called MOSSYMEDIA. I do a lot of filming, editing and photography for people within the industry.

Tell us about the character you will be playing…

Smee is Hook’s right hand man, or left… whichever the hook is on! He is always a cheeky chappy and annoys Hook whenever he can. He is the second in command to Hook.

What fun-fact might people not know about you? (Such as your ‘party trick’ or unusual pet…)

I’m a juggler and I can click my little finger on its own.

Can you give us any gossip on your fellow cast?! (For a family-friendly audience!)

Well I’ve only met them a couple of times so far, and they all seem very nice people, but give me a week and I’ll know everything because I’m sooooo nosey!

What would be your dream theatre role? Who would you love to work alongside?

I would like to try a serious role; I think with comics they tend to pigeonhole us into one type of role. I’d love to work alongside Al Pacino or Anthony Hopkins.

Who is the most famous person in your phone / following you on social media?

Ooo now that would be telling!

What is your guilty pleasure? (For example, a cheesy song, unhealthy food, etc)

I looooveee chocolate and chilli peppers, but not necessarily together!

Tell us your best joke? (Or give an example of a prank you have played on someone…)

My neighbour is in the Guinness World Records. He has had 44 concussions. He lives very close to me. A stone’s throw away, in fact. Boom boom!

Where will you be spending Christmas Day this year? Who with?

On my own in my flat :(

What are you most looking forward to about panto/Christmas/spending time in Mansfield?

I love the atmosphere in Mansfield and the people I work with always seem to be great there.

What is your message to anyone who hasn’t bought tickets to Peter Pan yet?!

I’ve seen the script and it’s amazing… with 78 per cent of tickets already sold that means 15 shows until it’s sold out completely, or three quarters of each show is full, or… well you get the picture… just get your tickets or you will miss out on a very, very fun packed show!

To book your tickets for this festive family treat, you can call the box office at the theatre on 01623 633133 or go to

Photos by Tracey Whitefoot