Gramophones’ new show will take you on a journey

The theatre company in residence at Create Theatre is preparing to premiere its new show in Mansfield on Friday before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Gramophones have been rehearsing ‘Wanderlust’ after spending months travelling to rural communities in a specially-created mobile library collecting stories for the show.

The end result is a piece intricately woven together using live music, projection and energetic storytelling that tells the story of a woman’s quest to connect with people all over the UK.

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Gramophones’ artistic director Hannah Stone said: “Wanderlust is a modern folk tale about what human beings will do in order to keep moving, what and who we will sacrifice for our own fulfilment.

“It feels like an important story to tell today in a society that tells us what we have isn’t good enough and that we should always strive for more.”

The journey will transport the audience through abandoned buildings and forbidden passageways, under bridges and hedgerows, down river rapids and into strangers’ cars.

The Gramophones last performed at Create Theatre in 2013 with their production of ‘End to End’, a show based on the company’s real-life bike journey across the UK.

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And following their Pussy-Riot inspired show ‘Small Acts of Protest’, they are looking forward to consolidating their brand as a company seeking to address the difficulties facing female performers in the UK.

Hannah added: “We want to champion women’s voices through our work, to be a vessel for stories that speak to all genders but where women are the protagonists.”

Wanderlust is on at Create on Friday (25th July) at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5 and can be purchased by calling Mansfield 413363 or at