Nottingham-based hip hop artist KC Da Rookee is back on scene with new album Chosen

KC Da Rookee may have taken time out from the music industry but the hip hop artist is back with his new album making a strong return to the scene.

The Nottingham-based breakthrough artist released ‘Chosen’ on 28th October. After spending time in Germany while posted in Berlin with the British Army, Rookee came back to the UK in 2005 to make his mark on the UK.

The album follows debut ‘Rookee Stizza’ in 1999 and ‘Nexcalibur’ in 2002.

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After touring with international known artists Eminem, Outkast and Gangstarr, KC Da Rookee means business with ‘Chosen’. Exploring everything from breakups to world affairs, there is clearly some stand out tracks which instantly grab your attention and deserve to be circulated into the mainstream hip hop scene.

The Good Life, Knocking and Welcome Home in particular use a fresh mix of rap, extracts of speech and female vocals.

Featuring Jamaican Reggae artist Elephant Man, French artist Emma Longard and production from Nottingham producer DJ Fever alongside other European producers it caters for all tastes across the wider hip hop scene never to be done before.

Signed and launched by Moroni 7 Records, the album both starts and finishes strong. Heads up to KC Da Rookee who is sure to take the industry by storm soon.