Hometown show for Belper organ star Tim

Belper and District Organ Club’s next concert takes place on Saturday, December 19.

It will feature a performance by Belper-born organist Tim Flint and will be held at The Congregational Church, on Green Lane in the town, from 7.30pm.

Tim starting playing the organ at the age of 12. His keyboard experience started off on a very small chord organ, and he started taking lessons from a local organ teacher.

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Tim turned out to be a very fast learner, and very soon, his teacher suggested that Tim needed an instrument with two manuals and pedal board. Tim soon showed a flair for playing, and when his teacher started to take his pupils out to give performances at disabled centres or senior citizens homes, Tim was always there, not only showing a flair for playing, but also communicating with his audience.

For those who haven’t had the ‘Tim Flint Experience’, you are in for a treat. Tim isn’t just an organist, but also an entertainer, a musician, and a showman, believing that each performance should be ‘a show’, where the audience can forget their worries for a while, and lose themselves in the evening. As a player, he is one of that rare breed that can turn his playing to almost any style: Classical, Orchestral, Jazz, Big Band, Theatre Organ, Electronic Organ, Jazz Organ, Piano, Latin American, and even more modern styles.

Tim has become one of the most popular organists in the country, for his playing, his extraordinary flamboyant outfits, and his rapport and quick wit. Audiences immediately warm to his personality, and he even has his own UK fan club.

Admission is £6 for members or £7 for non members, including refreshments. For further details call 01773 827204.

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