Donate your unwanted Christmas gifts to charity

Girl with Christmas present.Girl with Christmas present.
Girl with Christmas present.
Just 43% of Brits have ever donated an unwanted Christmas gift to charity despite many of us hoarding them.

A third of Brits admit to keeping unwanted Christmas gifts unused or unworn in the cupboards at home. That’s according to a recent study on Christmas shopping and gifting habits in the UK.

A further 23% admit to regifting their unwanted presents, while 20% have returned a gift and 19% have sold one on eBay.

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Daniel Chabert-Pfefferkorn, founder of which commissioned the survey, said: “We carried out the study as a bit of fun really, to find out what people want for Christmas, what they get and what they do with the gifts they’re disappointed with. And we got some interesting findings. A lot of them were quite lighthearted and fun - like the Brits pretending they love their gifts when they don’t

“But when I saw that figure about gifts sitting in cupboards unused or unworn, I couldn’t help but think how wasteful that is when there are so many people in need.

“We worked out that if just a third of over 16s in the UK leave just one gift sitting in a cupboard like that, it’s over a million gifts. A million!! Imagine how much money a million gifts could raise for charity?

“So we started doing some research and digging into the best ways to donate to charities.”

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Charities which will accept donations include Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, OXFAM, Salvation Army, NSPCC, RSPCA, Barnado’s, Age UK. For the full list, click hereIf you represent a charity that accepts unwanted gifts as donations and would like to be added to the list,contact [email protected]