Play remembers tragedy of war

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A play which marks the tragedy of the First World War will be on show at Mansfield’s Palace Theatre later this summer

Oh What A Lovely War, a musical entertainment production by Joan Littlewood and Theatre Workshop, will be performed at the Palace Theatre on 5th July.

Written in 1963, Oh What A Lovely War uses songs of the time to entertain and educate audiences about the First World War.

Director, Christopher Neil said that the war games portrayed in the play are more relevant than ever.

He said: “These games entertain to some extent, but more importantly, show how various nations played mind games both politically and strategically.”

“With recent campaigns such as Afghanistan and Iraq with losses of men and women on all sides, these games show how we continue to have these wars, yet we never learn or improve matters, and how history it seems, is repeating itself”.

The 23 strong ensemble cast have been enjoying learning about the historical aspects behind the play and have thrived on learning the Music Hall songs and dances.

As part of the play, the dedicated cast are working hard to perfect their French and German accents,.

One of the highlights for the cast was having some Army Officers from the Mansfield Army Careers Office visiting to put them through their paces as they learned to march.

To book tickets to see Oh What A Lovely War, which runs 3rd to 5th July, call the Box Office on 01623 633133 or visit the Palace Theatre’s website.