John Steinbeck classic is reimagined for the stage

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JOHN Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men is set to open at Nottingham Playhouse on Friday, starring John Elkington as George and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as his innocent friend Lennie. Unlike many theatrical versions of books, this has been adapted by Steinbeck himself and it follows the lives of poverty-stricken George and Lenny who one day they hope to find a decent home.

Artistic director Giles Croft said: “Of Mice and Men is an exploration of what it is to be human in an economic depression. Despite being written in the 1930s there are many people all over the world today who are embarking on the same kind of journey as the principal characters, George and Lennie. The play is an excellent portrayal of the struggle to maintain control of one’s life when the economic and social climate is unforgiving.”

The play runs until 17th November. For details call 0115 941 9419 or or follow on Twitter with the hashtag #ofmiceandmen.