Bill Book Blog - 22nd March 2012

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The latest offering from Paul Torday, author of the bestselling Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (Phoenix £7.99 978-0753821787), is The Legacy of Hartlepool Hall (W&N £12.99 978-0297863205), which I’ve just finished reading.

Ed Hartlepool has been living in France for the last five years for tax reasons, after the death of his father, but now it’s time to return to Hartlepool Hall, the ancestral pile in the North East of England, to try and sort out the finances. Ed has never been very good at taking responsibility for money matters. His family became rich enough to desist from working for a living many years ago as his forebears had made a fortune in the steel industry. So his only talent seems to have been for spending money. The estate has run up large debts and the only way out that Ed can see is to sell up and move out.

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