Early festive goodies on the TV a real winner

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CHRISTMAS is just under two weeks away, but there are plenty of festive goodies on “the box” to give you a rest from all that present buying and wrapping.

ITV1’s offering tonight is quite timely for this time of year with ‘Weight Loss Ward,’ a two-part visit to Sunderland Royal Hospital’s obesity unit, one of the biggest and busiest in the UK, while over on BBC1 it’s the other end of the scale in ‘Miniature Britain’ as entomologist Dr George McGavin uses a microscope camera that’s 7,000 times more powerful than the human eye to reveal the amazing wildlife around us the UK.

And if that’s all too much to endure Channel 4 has the perfect antidote in ‘The British Comedy Awards’ as Jonathan Ross oversees two hours of live TV paying tribute to the best of the year’s TV and film comedies.


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