Mansfield Sunday League results - 13th December 2015


PREMIER DIVISION: The Plaster People 06, Langwith White Star; Shirebrook Rovers 0, Ashfield Rangers 3 (L. Bourne 3); New Linden 5 (A. Carter 4, T. Moult), Bull Farm 2 (J. Grant, L. Townsend); DIVISION ONE: Joey’s Old Boys 3, Shirebrook Wanderers (A) 2; Duke of Sussex 7, Unwin Rovers 1; MA Sunnydale 3, Kirkby Celtic 4; DIVISION TWO: Mansfield Lodge Hotel 3 (I. Hall 2, R. Allsop), 6 Five Two’s Taxis 1 (S. Webb); Ravensdale Ravens 12 (D. Dodsworth 4, N. Cotton 3, P. Brudzinski 3,B. Gedney, M. Hubbard), The Towers 0; DIVISION THREE: The Diamond 4 (D. Lakin, M. Keeling, C. Raworth, A. Bestwick), Warsop Black Rose 3; Redgate 3 (J. Brentnall 2, N. Hutchinson), Ravo Vallecano 2 (M. Hamilton 2); Ritz rangers 14 (W. Cox 4, M. Moult 3, A. Brown 2, N. Weir, A. Morley, A. Bingley, E. Pearson, A. Siddall), Forest Rovers 0; Reindeer 2, Boothy’s 4; Fox & Crown 8 (L. Thomas 4, P. Logan 2, M. Biggs, C.Green), Ave Car Sales 3 (C. Bowler 2, C. Gibbons);

Fixtures and postponements:; 20th December 2015

Premier: Shirebrook Rovers v Rifle Volunteer: OFF.

Division One: Shirebrook Wanderers (A) v Kirkby Celtic & Unwin Rovers v MA Sunnydale only two games on.

Division Two: Mansfield Lodge v The Towers, Rose & Crown v Sherwood Coll, Shirebrook Wanderers (B) v Ravensdale Ravens & 6 Five Two’s Taxis these games are ON;

Division Three: Linney v Ave Car Sales, Boothy’s v Shirebrook Wanderers (C), Ravo Vallecano v Reindeer, Forest Rovers v The Diamond & Fox & Crown v Ritz Rangers these games are ON.