Craig Priest Stags Blog: Double swoop shows Mansfield Town’s true intent

NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest
NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest

Pre-season kick off is drawing ever closer, for once I sit here counting the days not wanting the first match to arrive to avenge our previous pain, but to arrive and inject some life into this faint sound I can hear getting louder from the distance.

Last week was without doubt the biggest of close season so far. Tuesday’s double raid of Luton a real statement of what we’re going to be next season, ruthless and tough to beat.

George Pilkington has held Luton together for seasons now and his arrival at the One Call Stadium will be like being hit by Shadow from classic gladiators on Duel – painful!

Godfrey Poku too is a crafty capture, like we’ve popped another bubble of Luton’s creativity.

The signing of the four youth teamers shows that we’re not being one dimensional in our philosophy, all four have potential and will develop in the reserves and on the training ground.

Micky Moore’s decision to go back to his old job and take a part time role at Nuneaton is a blow as I eluded to a couple of weeks ago, however I understand his reasons to go, family comes first. His replacement is the right choice, Adam Murray is Mansfield Town – his love & energy will continue driving us forward, what we are building here is special and if others don’t take us seriously, then more fool them! This isn’t arrogance talking; it’s a dream coming to life at last.

Sssh can you hear that, that faint sound? Mansfield Town are coming, get ready.