Cox denies ‘budget halved’ stories

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Mansfield Town manager Paul Cox said he was annoyed to hear reports this week quoting him as saying his budget had been halved for the new season.

“I have never said anything about the budget being halved in interviews,” he said. “If I am honest, I am sick of people talking about the budget. Whether it is high, low or mediocre, I am just going to get on with my job.

Cox said he was not prepared to reveal his budget, saying: “Only one person can answer that and that is the chairman.

“I won’t tell any lies and the budget is smaller this year than last year, but I will not be disrespectful to the guy who keeps this club running.

“He is the reason I am here and I enjoy working with him. He has told me what I have to spend and he knows I will try to be successful with it.

“It does help to have money. But it’s not the be all and end all and I have managed without it in the past. You just have to work harder with the players you’ve got. This club needs to be as one again and become focused.”